Alec Argento

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Office Phone: 717.757.7811

Mobile Phone: (717) 668-2890

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License Info: Licensed since2023, License #RS367528

Alec grew up in a family who invested heavily in real estate.....residential and commercial real estate, including the ownership of several mini-storage and strip-mall complexes. His father has been a Realtor for over 30 years and his mother is a mortgage broker. Alec has always had a huge interest in real estate. Shortly after graduating from college, he purchased his first investment property. He feels it has been a huge learning experience, not only in qualifying investment properties, but now as he manages it. Alec graduated from Dallastown High School in 2015, and York College in 2019, with a Business Administration Degree and a minor in Marketing. Upon his college graduation, he went to work for a major building supply company, in their commercial division, where he deals with clients on a daily basis. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, including his twin sister, Alexa. He loves playing sports and watching his beloved sports teams compete.

His goal is to learn from his dad and other team members, so that one day he can be as successful as his father. He is committed to providing clients with excellent service through knowledge, hard work, and an understanding of their wants and needs, throughout their real estate transaction. He wants to provide clients with a positive real estate experience resulting in a successful transaction.